Original Charge Against DeLay Dismissed

The conspiracy charge which Ronnie Earle originally brought against Representative Tom DeLay was dismissed today by Texas Judge Pat Priest. It is deeply ironic, I think, that the filing of the bogus conspiracy charge by partisan DA Ronnie Earle made front-page headines across the country, while the dismissal of the same charge is greeted with a yawn. The Minneapolis Star Tribune, for example, headlines today’s development “DeLay wins a minor legal skirmish.”

The spin in the MSM media is that the court’s rulings, taken together, were a defeat for DeLay since the judge declined to dismiss a “money laundering” charge against DeLay as a matter of law. The “money laundering” count is the one that Ronnie Earle brought in a fit of desperation when DeLay’s lawyer filed a brief that made it overwhelmingly clear that the “conspiracy” charge was a dead duck.

But it is highly likely that the “money laundering” charge will be dismissed in due course, too; or, if Earle manages to stumble into trial, he probably will be humiliated as he was when he tried to prosecute Kay Bailey Hutchison, and then had to crawl away with his tail between his legs, admitting to the court that he had no case and was unprepared to proceed.

Earle’s humiliation may be only a matter of time, but meanwhile, the MSM will continue to give him the best press they think they can get away with.


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