Remembering Rick Rescorla

A reader writes in response to “A day to be proud”:

Thanks for bringing attention to Rick Rescorla.

I am a veteran of the 7th Cavalry, the Regiment made famous in the Little Big Horn as well as the Ia Drang Valley, among many lesser known locales. My Squadron Commander, when I was a wee Lieutenant, had served alongside Rick and knew him well. He told us stories of Rick even before the book was published, when the world little knew of the Chu Phong massif, the Ia Drang Valley or the men who fell there. One of the most cherished compliments I have ever received in my life came on an Officer Efficiency Report from this Lieutenant Colonel friend of Rick’s, that said of me, “…his men would follow him anywhere.” Considering my boss had his “Leadership Meter” scaled by men like Rick, I always have accepted that as the most verbally economical, yet highest praise I have ever received.

My old boss took Rick’s loss very, very hard. He had that sort of effect on those who knew him. Someone should make a movie about Rick Rescorla.

The History Channel broadcast a good documentary about Rescorla earlier this year on September 11. Michelle Malkin’s wonderful post-9/11 remembrance of Rescorla is available here. Michelle wrote: “Rescorla was a man who didn’t need to be reminded of the high price of freedom. We do.” For more on Rescorla, see here.


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