See Iraqi Campaign Commercials at Power Line News Video

MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) has graciously shared with Power Line News its video of television campaign commercials that were aired leading up to today’s election. This is the first of many items of unique or unusual video content we’ll be making available on Power Line News Video, which you can link off the main page of the news site. The MEMRI footage is titled “Iraqi Election Commercials.”

Now that our tech partner has the system for custom video up and running, anyone, anywhere in the world, is welcome to send us video footage of any newsworthy event. If we agree that it’s interesting, we’ll edit it and put it up on Power Line News Video. We’d especially like to hear from any of our readers in Iraq, military or otherwise. If you have video footage you’d like to send in, please send us an email and we’ll respond with further instructions.


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