The Strib Covers President Bush’s Visit

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on President Bush’s visit to Minnesota today, in support of Mark Kennedy’s Senatorial campaign. The paper’s headline is fair enough: “Bush rejects timetable for troop withdrawal at Minneapolis fundraiser.” This excerpt is unintentionally funny:

Bush also ticked off a litany of positive economic indicators and said, “This economy is strong and it’s going to be stronger. One reason it’s strong is we cut the taxes on people.”

Kennedy has been criticized by Democrats for supporting tax cuts for wealthy Americans and budget cuts in programs for the poor.

Hey, if you rely on the Strib for your news, you probably think that’s true. My law partner Brian Melendez is the chairman of the DFL party; he got into the act:

State DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez said at a news conference at the Hilton after Bush’s speech that he hoped the president would return to Minnesota as frequently as possible on Kennedy’s behalf because it would reinforce the idea that Kennedy is a “lapdog of the Bush administration.”

Reminds me of the “running dogs of capitalism” speeches we used to get from the Red Chinese. To the Strib’s credit, however, the paper gives the last word to our friend Rudy Boschwitz:

Former Sen. Rudy Boschwitz, chairman of the fundraising effort, said Thursday that he was confident of reaching a goal of collecting about $1 million from 800 to 900 donors. Boschwitz said he thought that the protests and counter-events were “just fine” but that protesters eventually will be perceived as on the wrong side of history.

“There were protests outside every time [President Ronald] Reagan came to town, and after the end of his second term, the world was a better and safer place,” Boschwitz said. “We’re making progress in Iraq. It’s not all blood and guts.”

I’m not sure, but that may be the first time Strib readers have heard that we are making progress in Iraq. Bush should come here more often.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for the Trunk’s definitive account.


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