A word from Steve Hayward

Our friend Steve Hayward is the author of Greatness: Reagan, Churchill and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders. He is at work on the second volume of his two-volume history The Age of Reagan. Yesterday Steve wrote to comment on the work of Steve Hayes in publicizing the approximately 2,000,000 “exploitable items” captured in Iraq, discussed in Hayes’s “Read all about it” and our post “Only 1,950,000 to go”:

Further to your point about the Bush administration’s obtuseness about exploiting the documents found in Iraq — the Reagan administration made a point of releasing as quickly as possible loads of documentary evidence from Grenada making clear exactly what had been going on there, which contributed to blunting the liberal attack against Reagan’s invasion. One volume entitled “The Grenada Papers” was published by ICS Press; we should have “The Hussein Papers” coming out.


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