Iraqis Taking Over Anbar Security

Haider Ajina sends what sounds like great news from Anbar province in Iraq, a part of the Sunni triangle which has been one of the main centers of the “insurgency.” This is a portion of Haider’s translation of an article from the Arabic newspaper Dar Alhayat:

Dar Alhayat newspaper has learned that Iraqi Prime Minster Aljaafery has agreed to replace U.S. forces spread throughout Anbar province with locally enlisted forces. This agreement was drafted in a meeting between tribal leaders, Aljaafery, the U.S. Ambassador Khalil Zad and commander of the multi national forces General George Casey. The agreement was reached in a meeting last Sunday in the province. The local tribal leaders committed to expelling the foreign fighters and isolating the local Alqaida network lead by Zarqawi.
In preparation for this local involvement local recruiting centers have been reopened and local training camps have been set up. These camps will prepare locals to take over full security responsibility in their province [as in Nejaf, Kerbala, Kut, parts of Baghdad etc


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