Mordor, Come To Life

“Nauseating” and “creepy” are two words Victor Davis Hanson uses to describe the spectacle now unfolding in Gaza, and the world’s reaction to it. It is, as Hanson says, “the stuff of Tolkien’s Mordor”:

It is now clear that the so-called and much praised “international community,” the hallowed U.N., the revered EU, all pretty much are indifferent to the survival of a democratic Israel, or are actively supportive of its terrorist Hamas enemy. Only the U.S. (for now) stands by a constitutional state in its war against a murderous terrorist clique, with annhilation its aim and religous fascism its creed.

SCOTT adds: Carl in Jerusalem declares a flying-pigs moment: “The European Union announced tonight that it views Israel’s action in Gaza as defensive.” Carl comments: “What a difference it makes having the Czechs as head of the EU rather than F[r]ance.” On the other hand, as Roger Simon observes, “Sarkozy is turning out to be quite the prize schmuck.”

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