One felon, one vote

That’s the left’s platform, and they are pushing Virginia Governor (for one more day) Mark Warner to embrace it. Warner was basically a centrist governor, but now has presidential aspirations and is attempting to move to the left to the applause of some lefty bloggers. Recently, he commuted some death sentences and participated in the left’s search for the Holy Grail (someone who received captial punishment but can be shown to have been innocent) by ordering genetic analysis in the case of a man executed in 1992. The analysis supported the guilty verdict.
Now Warner has restored the voting rights of 3,414 felons. A far cry from the estimated 240,000 that wants, but more than any other governor in Virginia history.
If he keeps working at it, Warner can perhaps become the Howard Dean of 2008 — a centrist governor who veers left, rockets into presidential contention, and then collapses. Or perhaps he can follow John Edwards, a southerner with a short political record who worms his way onto the national ticket and fails to add value.


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