Blog of the Week: Big Lizards

Dafydd ab Hugh must have been one of the first people outside our immediate families to read Power Line. We got to know him long ago, and have often reproduced his very perceptive emails to us, as well as noting his comments on other sites. It was clear for a long time that Dafydd needed his own site, and we kept hearing that he was working on it. Finally, it came into being: Big Lizards, one of the most graphically spectacular and politically astute sites on the web.

Dafydd is a somewhat reclusive fellow. Rumor has it that he’s a science ficton writer. I haven’t been able to learn much else about Dafydd, but we got this from a confidential source:

The only biographical information we could obtain is that Dafydd is a writer of undetermined age (the immortals are ageless), of low birth, shifty, but has never been a liberal. “I have always been a thorn in the eyes of the Left,” he wrote, oddly insistent. He has the uncanny ability to make all the best enemies.

Few know him personally, and most of those regret it. One can only assume that his wife Sachi has ulterior motives, possibly related to her increasingly tenuous claim to the Chrysanthemum Throne.

Big Lizards is our new Blog of the Week. You can follow Dafydd’s posts at the top of the blog RSS feeds on Power Line News. Or watch this space for links.


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