Meet the McBeeBee Twins

David Cummings is the (volunteer) host of KFAI Radio’s weekly “Rockin’ in Rhythm” show on Wednesday mornings. David has comprehensive knowledge of American popular music and his show is hugely entertaining. David is also a fan of old-time radio and usually manages to work in a clip or two into his shows. David is a fan in particular of Bob & Ray, two guys with a cracked sense of humor that may make you nostalgic for a bygone era.
Yesterday David played a few minutes of one of Bob & Ray’s memorable interviews with the McBeeBee Twins. The twins proudly announce their acquisition of the rights to the property of big band leader Irene Cleming Getchal from the executors of the Getchal Estate. Ms. Getchal, the twins remind us, died tragically in 1938, “stabbed by a trombone.” The interview occurs at 2:35:30 of this week’s “Rockin’ in Rhythm” show, accessible here. Please give it a listen. It will make you laugh (guaranteed), and you will thank me.


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