“Operation Bringing Home the Goods”

The Jerusalem Post has a full package of articles on “Operation Bringing Home the Goods,” the operation leading to the apprehension of the mastermind behind the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi. Here is the straight news story, here is the sidebar on Zeevi’s son, here are profiles of the six wanted fugitives who surrendered, here is analysis of the operation, and here is the March 8 letter from the US and UK consuls to Mahmoud Abbas.
There is a lot of material here, all of it of interest. Under the category of “Londonistan calling,” of special interest is the Post’s report on British Foreign Minister Jack Straw and his antagonists on the British home front: “Straw defends Jericho withdrawal.” The Post reports:

Betty Hunter, national secretary for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign [PSC], denounced the withdrawal, telling The Jerusalem Post she was “appalled at the complicity of the British government in this action”.
“We have called a protest at 10 Downing Street at 5:30 tonight” to “reinstitute the protection they were to give to Ahmed Saadat” she said.
“Britain and the US had a responsibility to monitor the prisoners under the Ramallah Agreement,” the PSC argued. “Jack Straw’s statement that he had informed the Israelis in advance of the British and US withdrawal provided Israel with the opportunity to storm the prison and threaten to kill anyone who did not surrender.”
Saadat’s London lawyer, Kate Maynard, told the Post that “my fear is that my client will be killed” by the Israelis. The British government has a duty to protect” him, she argued, saying the presence of British monitors at the prison invokes the protections of British Human Rights laws. If Saadat is killed, Maynard told the Post she would seek to hold those responsible “criminally liable for murder” and seek to extradite them to Britain.

If Kate Manyard is representative, I guess the British moonbats are fully capable of going toe to toe with our own moonbats any day of the week.
JOHN adds: I have barely followed this story, but it seems obviously a good thing that this terrorist has been brought to justice. The news services have photos of the end of the standoff; here, the Associated Press shows Palestinian prisoners being marched out of the prison at the end of the stand off in Jericho:
You could have fooled me, but AFP says that this photo shows “a man who appears to be Ahmed Saadat, the leader of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,” after he surrendered to Israeli troops:
The only thing I’ll add is that I spent some time in Jericho some years ago; it was one of the spookiest, scariest places I’ve ever been. It’s sad to see such ancient, historic sites in the hands of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.


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