Oscar Time

This time of year, the must-read blog is Roger L. Simon, the only guy I know who is actually a member of the Academy of whatever it is. Roger is already a bit grumpy about tomorrow night’s festivities:

Oscar time you don’t want to live in my ‘hood – a mile or so directly up hill of the Kodak Theatre where they give the Academy Awards.
My street, which normally gets about one car every five minutes, is in a permanent state of gridlock with parking valets frantically running up and down the sidewalk, dodging the stares of the traffic control police who are being constantly importuned by my neighbors (and me) to take this moving torture chamber and ship the whole crowd to the New Orleans coliseum. Two nights ago we were kept up until dawn by a non-stop party for Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix – and he was in New York at the time.

Roger will no doubt be casting a sardonic eye on the festivities until they are, blessedly, over.


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