Blog of the Week: Joe’s Dartblog!

This week’s Blog of the Week is Joe’s Dartblog, written by Dartmouth sophomore Joe Malchow. It’s a popular misconception that many (or most) American youths are technically skilled. Not so; most don’t know how to do anything more than surf the web and IM. Joe, on the other hand, is a technical whiz, and is the brains behind Power Line Video.

Joe’s Dartblog deals occasionally with issues of bias in academia, but focuses mostly on the national and international issues of the day. Joe brings far more wisdom to those issues than one would expect from a college sophomore. (I’m embarrassed, frankly, to remember my own views at the same age.) You can follow Joe’s Dartlblog every day on Power Line News, and we’ll link from time to time over the next week.

This graphic, from Joe’s site, is of Dartmouth’s Baker Library:


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