Harry Reid Tells A Tall Tale?

Blog of the Week Right Wing News comments on what looks like an excellent takedown of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid by the Washington Times. Reid, as you probably know, is embarassed by the fact that in 1993, he gave a fiery anti-illegal immigration speech and introduced legislation to tighten up the system.

That, of course, is at odds with the current position of the Democratic Party, which now advocates making citizens out of illegal aliens even if they have been convicted of felonies (above and beyond illegal immigration). So yesterday Reid tearfully took the Senate floor and disavowed his 1993 position. He said that he changed his mind after a few days because his wife, whose parents were immigrants, chided him.

It turns out, however, that Reid reintroduced his bill and testified for it in the Senate Judiciary Committee the following year, 1994. Confronted with this fact, Reid last night backtracked on his touching story:

Mr. Reid’s office said last night that his conversion occurred after the second time he introduced his bill but couldn’t give an exact time line.

They can’t give an exact time line, I suspect, until they’ve done a Nexis search and figured out when Reid last gave an anti-illegal immigration speech that was reported in the press.


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