Iraq Gets A Prime Minister

The Islamic Dawa Party has nominated Jawad al-Maliki to replace Ibrahim al-Jaafari as its choice for Prme Minister of Iraq. For reasons that are not clear to me, both the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs find al-Maliki more acceptable, and have approved his selection. This clears the way for al-Maliki to form a government.

I was not surprised, by the way, at the length of time it took Iraq’s politicians to get to this point. It is human nature to hold out and bargain until the last posslble moment. Here in America, it is unusual to settle even the most pedestrian civil litigation until the eve of trial, and legislation is often passed at the latest possible moment in a legislative session. I’m not clear on what deadline, if any, the Iraqis are up against; but with regard to something as important as the formation of that country’s initial elected government, it is hardly surprising that, as in prior phases of the process, the bargaining went on for what seemed like forever.

Via Power Line News.


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