Latin America Drifts Left

It’s hard to understand, given the disaster that socialism has been wherever it has been implemented, but Latin America is drifting leftward, maybe dangerously so. It’s been hard to pay attention to Latin America, given what has been happening elsewhere, but it’s time to start. Yesterday, as the American Ambassador to Venezuela was driving in a motorcade to an event, his car was chased by a gang of pro-Chavez thugs on motorbikes, and pelted with eggs. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s pretty scary; you can watch it here.


Here is a news account of the attack:

Supporters of President Hugo Chavez threw eggs and fruit at the U.S. ambassador’s car Friday, and motorcyclists chased his convoy for miles, at times pounding on the vehicles. The U.S. State Department accused Caracas city officials of complicity.


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