Lux et silentia

In today’s installment on Taliban Man at Yale, John Fund publishes the correspondence of Yale parent Margaret Pothier, the sister of 9/11 victim “Ace” Bailey, to Yale President Richard Levin: “Ivory tower stonewall.” Since his initial 144-word form response to Mrs. Pothier, President Levin has gone to ground. It’s not a pretty picture.

In his past two columns on the subject, Yale alum Clint Taylor has addressed the defenses that have been trotted out regarding the attendance of Taliban Man at Yale. In part 1 Taylor calls on his experience working in the Yale admissions office to respond to one of the weirder defenses. In part 2 Taylor addresses the sponsors of Taliban Man at Yale. The defenses addressed by Taylor seem to go a long way to explaining the cone of silence that has dropped over President Levin.


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