Sarcasm Ahead

Last Friday, the Bush administration released a Labor Department report that showed that employers added 211,000 jobs in March, and the nation’s unemployment rate has fallen still further, to 4.7%. Harry Reid responded by demanding an investigation:

The administration’s leak of the Labor Department report was clearly intended to make the Democrats’ complaints about the economy look stupid. We’re consulting with our lawyers to determine whether the leak of this report is an impeachable offense.

[Fake quote; humor intended.] This morning, it was reported that the Army has exceeded its reenlistment goal for the first six months of the 2006 fiscal year by 15%. Nancy Pelosi was outraged:

How dare the administration leak this highly sensitive report? Once again, the administration has leaked information that can only be designed to show that the Democrats’ effort to demoralize our troops has failed. We are calling for an investigation to get to the bottom of President Bush’s role in authorizing this leak.

[Fake quote; humor intended.] I don’t know why the Democrats keep going back to 2003. There’s a new leak “scandal” nearly every day!


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