A Subtle Shift in the ‘Sphere?

Check out this dialogue between Wretchard at the Belmont Club and Austin Bay on an intriguing topic: has there been, over the past few months, a subtle shift in the ways in which foreign affairs are being discussed in the blogosphere? Austin Bay thinks there has been:

If Wretchard is right, what might those “incremental events” be that have led to the change in tone? Here’s my first guess, one I’m fairly certain is accurate: there’s a growing awareness that Al Qaeda is being defeated– it’s not dead but it’s on its way to defeat. Even Al Qaeda’s latest rants reflect an awareness that their great gambit has failed. Violent political Islamism isn’t defeated– but its Al Qaeda avatar is on the ropes.

Here’s my second candidate: There is also a growing awareness that Iraq’s long slog may well result in the emergence of a new, more open political system in the Muslim Middle East.

There’s more, and Austin thinks that conservatives as well as liberals have learned the lessons of experience.

Via Power LIne News.


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