Blackwell Could Bring GOP Good News

At Blog of the Week Real Clear Politics, John McIntyre looks at Ken Blackwell’s chances of victory in the Ohio Governor’s race. He thinks they’re good, if Blackwell can convey to voters that he is the agent of change in the race:

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a surprise in the Big Three (FL, OH, PA) governor’s races it is likely to come with Ken Blackwell in Ohio. Rendell, who is an underappreciated political force and a potential VP candidate in his own right (if the Dems are smart) is very unlikely to lose in Pennsylvania, not withstanding all of the buzz the star candidacy of Lynn Swann might generate. Florida looks like a boring race where the GOP will hold the state house. But the Ohio Governor’s race will be one to certainly watch, because if Ken Blackwell can pull out a come from behind victory he will immediately be a serious VP candidate who would take Ohio out of play for Democrats, severely complicating their ability to get to 270 Electoral Votes and win the Presidency.

Via Power Line News.


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