Blog of the Week: Fraters Libertas

This week’s Blog of the Week is Fraters Libertas, a group blog by a bunch of paleocons who live, or used to, in St. Paul. I do the Northern Alliance radio show with St. Paul (“Brian Ward”) and Chad the Elder, who is, in fact, the elder brother (the “Fraters” reference) of J.B. Doubtless. The fourth Fraters poster is the Atomizer, a part-time call screener.

The Fraters guys are humorists, trivia champs, beer drinkers and insightful commentators on local and national news stories. You can follow them any time on Power Line News. They are, as Glenn Reynolds says in the musical intro to our radio show, a danger to America’s youth. What Hugh says about them can’t be repeated in polite company.

Thanks to outgoing blogger of the week A. J. Strata. Bookmark A. J. and return often.

UPDATE: The Elder objects to the “paleocon” tag, and offers some theories as to why Fraters may have been chosen.


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