Blog of the Week: Wizbang Politics

This week’s BOTW is a brand-new site: Wizbang Politics. Here is how Kevin Aylward describes the site:

Wizbang Politics ( reunites former PoliPundit writers Alexander McClure and Lorie Byrd in a new project focusing on politics, campaigns, and elections. Wizbang Politics will be an everyday must read for those wanting to stay on top of the latest political news, polls and campaign strategy. Wizbang Politics will be monitoring individual races across the country and then will be putting that information into the context of the national political landscape.

You can follow Wizbang Politics through the week on Power Line News, and we’ll link here from time to time as well. Today, Wizbang Politics reviews races in Alabama, New Jersey and Illinois.

Thanks to outgoing BOTW Fraters Libertas.