Fear and loathing at the Washington Post

Dana Milbank knows why the push is on to confirm judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The congressional Republicans, alarmed about the upcoming elections, are trying to “stir up the party’s disillusioned conservative base.” These words are intended to sound sinisiter, I suppose, and to many Washington Post readers that’s how they will be understood. But translated from Democratic-talking-pointese, Milbank means that the Republicans are attempting to do one of the main things that most of their supporters wanted (and still want) them to do. As for the Republicans’ motive, does Milbank believe that if the approval ratings of President Bush and the Republican Congress were robust, the party would let the Dems claim Kavanaugh’s scalp?

The Republicans undoubtedly have trepidation over 2006. But there’s also a palpable fear among Democrats and MSM members — one that I’ve heard expressed openly in social settings and one that comes through in Milbank’s otherwise silly piece. It’s fear that the Rove-led Republicans will once again snatch victory from the Dems through some sort of dirty trick or illegitimate issue — like trying to get Bush’s judicial nominees confirmed.


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