Happy Birthday To Us

Power Line is four years old this weekend. I originally set the site up on Blogger; I was stumped for a name, and “Power Line” was suggested by a thirteen-year-old friend of my oldest daughter. On the Tuesday after Memorial Day, I asked Scott, my long-time writing partner, to join me on the site. He looked at it and called me back. We’ve never let him forget his response: “It looks like fun, and I think it will be worth doing even if no one ever reads the stuff I write except you. But I have to tell you, I think the idea that we could ever have any readers for this thing is a pathetic fantasy.”

A month or two later we invited Paul to join us. But I had to ask twice, because when he got my first email he had no idea what I was talking about and deleted the email without replying. I included a link to the site, but he didn’t know what that funny combination of letters meant. Fortunately, we persisted and the second time Paul agreed to join us.

We’ve often said that there is no significance to the “blog” format except that the software allows anyone, no matter how unskilled technically, to maintain a web site and thereby communicate with just about anyone in the world. We exemplify this enablement of the non-technical, although we have picked up a modicum of web skills over the years.

Anyway, it’s been a great four years. This weekend, Paul will be in town with his wife and one of his daughters, so we’ll have one of our rare meetings of the Power Line Editorial Board. And we’ll wish ourselves a happy birthday.

UPDATE: Thanks to all of the many readers who wrote to wish us a happy anniversary!


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