Judgment at Nuremberg

The Hezbollah forces arrayed against Israel in southern Lebanon hold 13,000 rockets (up from 10,000 over the past few years) to fire on demand against Israel. Iran has supplied the rockets to Hezbollah and has constituted Hezbollah as a key asset in its rise against the West. In late 2002 the Middle East Forum published an “intelligence bulletin” providing a good account of “Iran’s strategic arsenal.” In its winter 2006 issue, Middle East Quarterly published Patrick Devenny’s excellent consideration of “Iran’s strategic threat to Israel.” The Israelis understand that Iran uses Hezbollah both to maintain a balance of terror against it and to make mischief upon demand at moments that serve its purposes.

The Iranian deployment and arming of Hezbollah constitute the backdrop to the reporting by Michael J. Totten at Totten’s Middle East Journal on his visit to Israel and Lebanon. They also constitute the backdrop to Benny Avni’s New York Sun story on the brick wall Ambassador Bolton’s diplomatic efforts at the United Nations are running into. Also of interest in this context is Caroline Glick’s column “Germany’s honored guest” on the president of Iran’s possible visit to attend the Iranian national team’s opening World Cup game against Mexico — in Nuremberg.

UDPATE; See also “Iranian threats, ‘wiping Israel off the map’ and the Hitchens v. Cole cage match” over at TigerHawk.


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