Minnesota Trending Republican

The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Minnesota Poll came out today; it surveyed party identification and found Republicans outnumbering Democrats in the state by 29% to 25%. This was reported as statistical equality, and when leaners are added in, the Republicans’ margin is only 1%.

Still, for a state that has been mostly Democratic throughout its modern history, it’s noteworthy that the Republican trend hasn’t been interrupted by the national party’s current problems. (The Strib, in reporting on its own poll, can’t conceal its annoyance that President Bush’s “record-low approval ratings and the conventional wisdom that Republicans are likely to suffer net losses in this fall’s election” don’t seem to be hurting the state’s Republican party.)

As most readers know, Minnesota will have one of the nation’s key Senate matchups in November, with Congressman Mark Kennedy running against Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar for the seat being vacated by Mark Dayton. Today’s Minnesota Poll is the latest evidence that Mark’s chances are looking pretty good.

Yesterday, Minnesota’s Republican Party unveiled a new web site called Amy’s Record. The site is dedicated to exploring Klobuchar’s record, which is surprisingly weak for a Senate candidate.


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