One would hope

Sherman Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, predicts that “in 50-plus months, Nevada voters will march to the polls and replace Sen. Harry Reid, thus ending one of the longer, more powerful political runs in state history.” According to Frederick (a critic of Reid but whose paper has endorsed him in all of Senate races):

“Landslide Harry” is used to close races. Races that can be decided by a few thousand, and even a few hundred votes. But those were races before Harry became the top Democratic dog in the U.S. Senate. Before he disappeared as a conservative Democrat from Nevada. Before he started eyeing Nancy Pelosi’s wardrobe.

Nevadans elected the Harry I’ve hiked the desert with in blue jeans and dusty work boots. But on national TV they see a guy in a capri and sandals.

Not pretty.

And, more to the point, not electable in Nevada.


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