What Will Happen Today?

With pro-illegal immigration groups planning nationwide strikes, boycotts and rallies today, it’s hard to tell. Will the rift in the movement’s leadership be reflected in the day’s activities? When large groups of illegals assemble in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and elsewhere, who will be running the show? Will the effects of the “strike” be noticeable? How will ordinary citizens and legal immigrants react? Will the demonstrations be effective, or will the whole thing be a bust? Will mainstream media coverage once again sugarcoat the pro-illegal movement?

What story, or stories, will emerge from today’s activities? We don’t know, but whatever happens, we’ll be there. Power Line has readers with video cameras lined up to cover the demonstrations in major cities across the country. They’ll send their footage to us, and Joe Malchow will put up the first draft of our coverage tonight on Power Line Video. Filmmaker Andrew Marcus will spearhead our Los Angeles coverage with his crew, and in addition, he’ll create the final version of our video report within 24 hours after the action is complete, which we will post on our video site.

We don’t know what will happen today, but whatever happens, Power Line Video will be the place to go for the freshest, fastest, most unbiased coverage.

If you haven’t already signed up as a correspondent but shoot some video that you think is interesting or newsworthy, drop us a line at [email protected]


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