After Zarqawi

Richard Miniter takes a look back at “Zarqawi’s final atrocities,” and Scott Ott reports that “Democrats vow to fight on after Zarqawi loss.”

UPDATE: Our friends at MEMRI write:

Our in house Iraqi translator said that the Arab press is carrying a lot of stories today about al-Zarqawi. Here are a couple of interest:

al-Sharq al-Awsat reports that while in Pakistan in 1990, Zarqawi got to know Ali Saleh al-Hani (abu Qaddama) who lost a leg in a mine explosion. He complained to Zarqawi that he had a problem finding a wife because of his disability. Zarqawi quickly told him: “Don’t worry, I will give you my sister as a wife.” And so he asked his 17 year old sister to come to Pakistan to get married. After the marriage the couple went back to Zarqa.

Another story:

Hamas has declared Zarqawi “shahid al-umma” [the martyr of the Arab nation]. The respectable Iraqi daily, Al-Rafidain, called on Zarqawi and Hamas to go to hell!

On the other hand, Tom Bevan notes that the Minneapolis Star Tribune falls somewhat short of the respected Iraqi daily in its commentary on Zarqawi’s death.


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