Bodies of Kidnapped Soldiers Reportedly Found

An Iraqi official says that the bodies of Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, who were kidnapped by a terrorist group last Friday, have been found not far from where the incident occurred. American officials have not yet confirmed the report.

In a sick coda, Menchaca’s uncle, Ken MacKenzie, appeared on the Today show and recited weirdly inapplicable Democratic Party talking points in relation to his own nephew’s death:

“The news is going to be heartbreaking for my family,” Ken MacKenzie, Menchaca’s uncle, told NBC’s “Today” show.

He said the United States should have paid a ransom from money seized from Saddam Hussein.
“I think the U.S. was too slow to react to this. Because the U.S. did not have a plan in place, my nephew has paid with his life.”

No shame.

UPDATE: The news is very grim. Gateway Pundit has multiple updates and links. And another of Kristian Menchaca’s uncles blames the terrorists, not the administration:

“I wish they’d punish the people that do these kinds of things right away, instead of taking forever and spending millions of dollars,” [Menchaca’s uncle Mario Vasquez said. “I think, you capture them, make them pay for what they did. Don’t think that it’s just two more soldiers. Don’t negotiate anything. They [the killers] didn’t. They didn’t negotiate it with my nephew. They didn’t negotiate it with Tucker.”

Well put.

ONE MORE: Two of Menchaca’s cousins appeared on the Larry King show last night. They were asked about MacKenzie’s comments on the Today show:

KING: Gabriela, one of Kristian’s uncles Tim McKenzie was very critical of the United States government this morning. Would you react to that?

GABRIELA GARCIA, COUSIN OF PFC KRISTIAN MENCHACA: He doesn’t speak for Kristian’s family. He’s (INAUDIBLE) ours.

KING: He’s what?

GARCIA: His views are not ours.


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