Chomsky loves terrorists

Noam Chomsky recently gave an interview to an Arabic television station in which he explained why he prefers Hamas to the United States and Israel. He also expounds his unique definition of “terrorism,” in which it seems that any action undertaken by the U.S. qualifies. You can watch excerpts from the interview at Power Line Video. The video originated with MEMRI, which has also posted the transcript here. (Thanks to Joe Malchow.)

JOHN adds: Chomsky has always seemed to me to be a weird case. He speaks and writes in the syntax of logical argument, but his words are devoid of sense: they have no contact with reality. You can see what I mean if you watch the video. This is, I think, a species of insanity, but a great many people seem not to notice, and Chomsky’s virulent strain of leftism has made him a rich man.


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