Clinton, Gore, Kerry: No Way

I’ve considered the suggestion that the Democrats will re-nominate either John Kerry or Al Gore somewhat ludicrous. It seems clear to me that the Democrats have seen all they want to of Kerry, and, while most Democrats have nothing against Gore, he had his chance in 2000 and has been mostly invisible since then.

A CNN poll out today confirms that both Gore and Kerry would be weak candidates; 48% say they would “definitely vote against” Gore, and 47% would “definitely vote against” Kerry. What’s striking is that 47% say they would “definitely vote against” Hillary Clinton. Which means that, notwithstanding Clinton’s assiduous image-burnishing over the past several years, her negatives are as high as ever. I’ve said it before and will say it again: Hillary Clinton will never be President.

Which leaves the Democrats in need of a candidate. It’s unfortunate, from their perspective, that Kerry, Gore and Clinton are soaking up all of the current media oxygen. They badly need new candidates to emerge, but in the present environment, it won’t be easy.

The Republicans tested by CNN did better. Sixty-three percent said they wouldn’t vote for Jeb Bush–no offense, Jeb, it’s not about you–while 34% said they would vote against John McCain, and 30% against Rudy Giuliani. I assume that those numbers basically reflect the number of Democrats sampled, with the difference accounted for by the fact that some Democrats would consider voting for Giuliani because of his more liberal stance on social issues.

These were all the candidates included in CNN’s poll, which may make sense since this type of question wouldn’t generate meaningful results with candidates having much lower name-recognition.

Via Power Line News.