Hugh Hewitt floods the zone

Our friend Hugh Hewitt “flooded the zone” on his radio program last night in the style of former New York Times editor Howell Raines, devoting almost the entire show to the exposure of the administration’s terrorist finance tracking program. Radioblogger has posted transcripts of Hugh’s interviews with Bill Kristol, with Glenn Reynolds and Ed Morrissey, and with John and me.

In its editorial on the subject today, the New York Times offers no shred of an argument concerning the possible illegality or overbreadth of the program. It cites no instance of abuse. Rather, the Times argues “these efforts need to be done under a clear and coherent set of rules, with the oversight of Congress and the courts.” The Times purports to invoke the rule of law where no law has been broken, and where the Times itself has both broken the law and damaged American national security.


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