Rated PG (religion)

New York Observer columnist Bruce Feirstein has fashioned a new movie rating system to reflect the concerns expressed in the MPAA’s PG rating of the inspirational Christian film “Facing the Giants.” The MPAA has rated the film PG rather than G due to religious “thematic” elements. A spokesman for the film company observes: “It’s interesting that faith is now one of the seven deadly sins.” Feirstein comments:

I’ll go one better: If the MPAA is going to follow this path, let’s go the whole nine yards (as opposed to the whole hog, which would undoubtedly be offensive to Muslims, Jews and animal-rights activists), and institute the following new, improved movie ratings.

—RH-13: Revisionist History. Contains characters, dialogue and historical conclusions that bear no resemblance to what actually occurred. Sometimes designated OS-13, in honor of Oliver Stone.

—PP-13: Product Placement. Contains images of toys, cell phones, luxury automobiles or other brand-name consumables that may be inappropriate for easily suggestible children under the age of 60.

—CF-13: Conventional Family. Traditionally gendered husband and wife, with 2.4 kids. And a dog. View at your peril.

Feirstein’s column is “Never mind PG, MPAA goes PC! My new rating system.”