Return of the Nude Protest

A few years ago there was a worldwide epidemic of nude protests. Those with strong feelings about everything from war to fox-hunting experienced an unaccountable urge to disrobe so as to call attention to their favorite cause. I guess that was the idea. Anyway, in our scruffier early days we enjoyed covering and commenting on such protests. For a while they seemed to die out. But now, we are about to experience the Return of the Naked Protest:

The World Naked Bike Ride pedals into Chicago and at least 25 other cities around the world Saturday.

It’s a peaceful protest against international oil consumption.

Just how peaceful likely will depend on the site since public nudity is illegal in many areas and most of the bikers plan to be totally naked.

“We don’t expect everyone to be OK with this,” Aurora Danai, a 26-year-old Bucktown, Ill.. resident told the publication RedEye. “We’re just trying to have a good time and raise awareness.”

Keep your eyes peeled. So to speak.

Via Power Line News.

UPDATE: Tomorrow’s weather forecast for Chicago: colder with temperatures in the 50s and occasional rain. I’m predicting a light turnout.


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