Say what you will about David Beckham…

and members of the Paraguay and Trinidad & Tobago contingents had plenty to say about him, his brilliant right foot is responsible for the goals that undid both teams and sent England into the round of 16. Bringing on young Aaron Lennon at right-wing (along with Wayne Rooney, of course) and moving Beckham to a nominal right-back position freed him to orchestrate the attack from a deeper, less harried position and led directly to the goal that sank T&T. Previously, his great delivery on a set piece produced the own-goal that sank Paraguay.

Next up is Sweden. A win or a draw would give England first place in their group. Speaking of Sweden, I noticed that they are starting two ex-Evertonians that I failed to include on my list. They are Toby Linderoth and Nic Alexandersson, both of whom were quite forgetable during their Everton days.


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