Entebbe at 30

Yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of Israel’s improbably successful Entebbe rescue mission. The Jerusalem Post has a long retrospective by Lauren Gelfrond Feldinger based on interviews by “those who executed it”: “Back to Entebbe.” Feldinger notes the soldiers’ perspective on the operation after its completion:

Later, soldiers would joke that the plan sounded like a script from Mission Impossible: The Israelis would land without arousing suspicion, pretend to be Ugandan guards traveling in an entourage of Land Rovers behind President Idi Amin in his famous black Mercedes, and overtake the terrorists with the element of surprise, despite hundreds of enemy soldiers in every direction.

The Post also runs a sidebar by Feldinger: “Through the eyes of the hostages.”

UPDATE: For reasons that are not apparent to me, the link to the principal article is unfortunately not working at the moment. It doesn’t work from the Post site itself either, so the problem is not with us.

LATEST: The links seem to be working. Do check out these excellent articles.