Holland Tunnel Plot Thwarted

The New York Daily News reported this morning that a plot by Islamic terrorists to blow up New York’s Holland Tunnel, and thereby flood lower Manhattan, has been uncovered and stopped. One Amir Andalousli has been arrested in Lebanon, and authorities are seeking others in the U.S. and elsewhere.

This plot seems relatively serious compared to the Miami group arrested a couple of weeks ago. They had received a pledge of assistance from associates of al Zarqawi before Zarqawi’s death. However, it is highly unlikely that they could have succeeded in blowing up the tunnel, and even if they had, lower Manhattan would not have flooded. (The plotters seem to have been a little vague on the laws of physics.) Once again, we should be happy, I think, that our government is on top of such plots before they get far enough along to become dangerous. This one apparently was discovered by monitoring Islamist chat rooms on the internet.

Via Power Line News.

SCOTT adds: AJ Strata infers that the round-up was precipitated by the blowing of the terrorist finance tracking program: “Another terror plot foiled: How many more?”

UPDATE: Later accounts say the plot targeted the train tunnels between New Jersey and New York.


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