Oops, I forgot…

…to plug my appearance today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, which I think is getting underway shortly. On Thursday, I taped a segment with Jerlynn Merritt on the Times stories and more. Our segment wasn’t epsecially noteworthy, but we were preceded by Hugh Hewitt facing off against Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times and two other liberals. Someday, maybe we’ll see a panel with three conservatives and a liberal, but in the meantime, Hugh was more than equal to the task. That segment will be well worth watching.

UPDATE: AJ Strata writes to correct my recollection of the odds:

Reliable Sources stacked 4 liberals against Hugh on the NY Times exposure
of our national defenses – wasn’t stacked enough.

AJ takes a two-by-four to the Washington media in general, and Eric Lichtblau in particular, here.

SCOTT adds: Expose the Left has posted the video of John’s segment on Reliable Sources here.


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