Say goodbye to Hollywood

Jeffrey Lord, not only explains the origin of the phrase “jump the shark,” he persuasively applies it to the couple that refuses to leave the stage: “Plaming out: Joe Wilson jumps the shark.” Now a judge will have to give ’em the hook.

JOHN adds: Blog of the Week Villainous Company has much more, including commentary on the Washington Post’s cheerleading for the Wilsons’ effort to stay in the public eye.

SCOTT adds: At Ankle Biting Pundits, Patrick Hynes notes that the the Wilsons are passing the hat for their legal expenses and examines the purported uses to which contributions are to be put.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit chronicles the “sheer Hell” that the Wilsons have gone through as they “fear for their lives” since Valerie quit her desk job in Virginia.


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