Roger Simon has harsh words for the anti-administration leakers who violated their oaths and committed crimes by exposing the SWIFT program, and for the journalists who aided and abetted the criminals:

They are stoolies.

A man or woman of genuine courage would stand up and be identified if what they were leaking were truly in the national interest, no matter what the consequences to them. They would be heroes. Not here. These people are snitches, maneuvering behind the scenes for their own personal or political advantage. Our media manipulate these folks who in turn manipulate our media. It is as far from heroic as one could imagine. These are the very people you wouldn’t want with you in a foxhole. In fact, you wouldn’t even want to turn your back on them at a cocktail party.

[W]hat we have are newspapers that like to consort with stoolies for their own ideological advantage. But just as in the old saw that if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas, if you lie down with stoolies you turn as corrupt as they are. It may only be the leakers who will ultimately be prosecuted in this affair, but it is the media that publicize them whose already tarnished reputations will never recover.


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