Why didn’t we think of that?

When Daniel Patrick Moynihan served his brief but inspirational term as America’s ambassador to the United Nations, his efforts proved most popular in the United States among midwesterners and Jews. See generally Moynihan’s excellent memoir (with Suzanne Weaver Garment) A Dangerous Place. Minnesota reader Todd Koehnen writes with a message that makes me think Ambassador Bolton’s efforts may be winning a similar following:

I have been so impressed with Ambassador John Bolton’s efforts in trying to bring some needed clarity and resolve to an utterly corrupted and ineffective organization. I think you should design (& sell) a t-shirt with Ambassador John Bolton’s face that reads something like “Bolton is the man.” If you offered something like this, with a Power Line (or Northern Alliance) logo somewhere (of course), it would likely be a big hit.

Keep up the great work.

Todd Koehnen
Eden Prairie, MN


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