A flying start

That’s what Everton is off to in the English Premier League. We opened by beating Watford at home. Next, we drew with a well-regarded Blackburn team at Blackburn on a late goal by Tim Cahill off the bench. And today, we defeated Tottenham Hotspur in London 2-0. This win was extraordinary for two reasons. First, we accomplished it playing with only 10 men most of the match. In fact, we scored both goals after Kevin “Zinedine” Kilbane was sent off in the 32nd minute. Second, we hadn’t won at Tottenham in 21 years (to the day).

Our new forward Andy Johnson is playing out of his skin, and was called up to the English national team this week along with Phillip Neville (Spurs have five in the latest national team, so we didn’t beat mugs today). We’ve been tough to score on for the past few years, and if Johnson continues to give us an offensive spark, this could be a good year.


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