Blog of the Week: Blonde Sagacity

As we’ve said before, we aren’t overly scrupulous about the concept of a “week” when it comes to naming our Blogs of the Week. Vital Perspective, the outgoing BOTW, had an especially long run, first because they were doing terrific commentary and reporting on the war in Lebanon, then because I went on vacation. I’ve now returned to civilization–unfortunately–so it’s time for our new BOTW, Blonde Sagacity.

ALa, the site’s proprietor, is a very blonde Philadelphian who started blogging in 2004. I learned of her site only recently from a friend at CNN; I enjoy it and think our readers will too. ALa fits the profile of a “bellicose woman” and also shares our fondness for graphics. In fact, she’s the only blogger I know of who illustrates every post.

ALa will also debut an internet radio show next month on Wide Awakes Radio. More about that later. You can follow Blonde Sagacity daily on Power Line News, where, as always, our BOTW is featured at the top of our blog RSS feeds.

Thanks again to Vital Perspective.

SCOTT adds: Though not a blonde, Sissy Willis is also sagacious and writes to note she too illustrates each of her posts at her excellent site SISU. Back in 2004 I wrote about Sissy and her site in “Sissy rules.”


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