Fauxtography follies illustrated


Professor Instapundit has written a column for TCS on the fauxtography avalanche produced by the MSM in the Lebanon war: “Don’t trust if they won’t verify.” The wonderful illustration (above) that accompanies Glenn’s column is uncredited. Where can we buy the poster?

UPDATE: Ray Patnaude writes:

Thanks for the kind words about my illustration for Glenn’s article today. That image, like all illustrations at TCS Daily are done by me- Ray Patnaude, Art Director for TCS (except when I am on vacation and such). I’m glad you liked it, it was a fun challenge to try to deliberately do *really*, comically bad Photoshop, leaving stray pixels everywhere, and sloppy cutout lines. I am particularly proud of the checkered Photoshop background visible behind some replicated smoke. And of course Mickey’s pose perfectly mocks Professional House-Got-Knocked-Down Woman’s.

Keep up the good work — promoting this and similar stories — you’re doing something very meaningful.

But Ray, where can we buy the poster? Reader Dave Keasey writes:

I see you have “Flat Fatima” up in the graphic…I found her after following a link from one of Belmont Club’s recent posts (way down in the comments). Just follow this link, and you can learn all about her! With Fatima at your side, photoshop is never needed.


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