Qana Investigation Underway

The Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF is looking into allegations, first raised by bloggers, that the alleged civilian deaths at Qana may have been, at least in part, staged:

The IDF is looking into allegations raised over the past few days by several pro-Israel, Jewish and conservative Weblogs that Hizbullah may have staged aspects of the Kana tragedy on Sunday, in which some 60 [sic] Lebanese bodies were removed from a building that collapsed seven hours after being hit in an Israel Air Force strike.

The International Committee of the Red Cross Mission in Israel said Tuesday that it would inform its Swiss headquarters about the allegations and seek to clarify the questions raised.

The Post summarizes, in considerable detail, the points that have been raised by Israel Insider, Confederate Yankee and other sites. If you’re new to the controversy, this article is a good place to start. We don’t have a clear opinion, at this point, on the merits of the controversy. Some of the suggestions made by bloggers seem far-fetched; on the other hand, as we have noted several times, there are a number of distinctly odd aspects to the events as presented by Hezbollah and the press. Hopefully, between the IDF and the Red Cross, the truth will emerge.


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