State Fair Madness, and More

Posting was light to nonexistent yesterday, but this time it wasn’t due to slacking off. The day started at the Minnesota State Fair, where the Northern Alliance Radio Network is once again broadcasting live on the weekends. It was a beautiful day, and the Patriot booth was thronged with people. Chad the Elder and I did our usual 11 to 1 segment; Brian Ward was out of town, but Hugh Hewitt filled in ably for a few segments. Hugh was finishing up his own four-day stint at the Fair.

In this photo, Hugh and I are chatting with the crowd between segments.

Hugh’s producer, Duane Patterson, got roped into milking a cow, which he did with surprising success. Duane’s site has much more about his visit to the Fair.

We awarded our Loon of the Week prize to Gary Hart for his ridiculous claim that President Bush is anoher Caesar Augustus, and followed that up with out own Top Ten Reasons Why President Bush is Unlike a Roman Emperor. The crowd laughed hard at the ones they didn’t boo.

This year, our appearance at the Fair is sponsored by the United States Marine Corps, whose booth is next to ours. The Marines’ booth features a pull-up bar, on which all comers can test their mettle. Some of us don’t have as much mettle as we used to, but that didn’t stop Chad and me from issuing a challenge to the other Northern Alliance segments for a pull-up contest, on the air, next week.

A team of filmmakers that is working on a documentary for PBS on the modern media filmed some of the radio show. Afterward, they interviewed Scott and me for close to four hours. Of that, I suppose thirty seconds will appear on the air, but it was interesting in any event. For them–a group of Easterners–I suspect the most eye-opening experience was not interviewing Scott and me, but observing the Minnesota State Fair. I don’t think they have anything like it in New York.

That left just enough time to get to Jasperwood for James Lileks’s annual bash for conservative bloggers and others. It was a beautiful evening to be outdoors, and a great party.

So my entire day was devoted to VRWC-related activities, but of the most enjoyable kind. Today, on the other hand, will probably be devoted purely to goofing off, on one of the last perfect days of summer.


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