The raid on Baalbek

In its pronouncements on the war, Hezbollah appears to have taken a leaf from Baghdad Bob’s public relations book. Today’s Haaretz reports that “Hezbollah claims of combat success become less and less believable.” Haaretz also carries a long story on yeserday’s raid on Baalbek. Illustrating the thesis in the Haaretz story on Hezbollah’s public relations, Hezbollah claimed the Israeli commandos conducting the raid were trapped inside the hospital in Baalbek. The commandos nevertheless apparently returned to Israel unharmed with five prisoners. The brief Jerusalem Post story on the raid quotes Prime Minister Olmert as saying that “tasty fishes” were among those seized.

On the course of the war, Hugh Hewitt alerts us to this contrarian take by Steve Schippert: “The clock ticks for Hezbollah.” To quote Hugh, let’s “hope it is accurate.”