A perfect audience

Much was made this week of the bizarre anti-American speeches given by President “Twelfth Imam” Ahmadinejad and Hugo “Bush Stinks” Chavez at the U.N. this week. Even some members of the Democratic left were offended.

Little has been made, however, of the reception these two crackpots received from U.N. delegates. Both were big hits, particularly Chavez who was able to meld the talking points of the secular left into a comedy act sufficiently low brow to delight his fellow thugs who comprised a critical mass of the audience on the U.N. floor.

Mark Steyn noticed. He concludes:

It may be news to the Council of Foreign Relations types and the Dems, but the U.N. demonstrated this last week that it is utterly incapable of reform. Indeed, any reforms would be more likely to upgrade and enhance the cliques of thugs and despots than of the few states willing to stand up to them. The most sensible proposal this week came from Chavez, who demanded the U.N. relocate to Venezuela. You go, girl! [Reform advocates] would be better off trying to get America expelled from the U.N., and encouraging it to join a new group of nations serious about defending freedom in the world: It would be a very small club. . . .Anyone who thinks the U.N. is the body to mediate Iran’s nuclearization or anything else is more deluded than Ahmadinejad. At this rate, the Twelfth Imam will be the next secretary-general.


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