Another Reason to Vote in November

Our old friend and former colleague Pat Schiltz was invested as a federal judge today. Pat–from now on, I have to call him Judge Schiltz–has been serving as the dean of the St. Thomas Law School here in Minneapolis. He was sworn in by Justice Antonin Scalia in a ceremony that took place at the St. Thomas law school:


Justice Scalia, for whom Judge Schiltz clerked after he graduated from law school, met with a small group prior to the ceremony and answered questions. I was reminded, once again, that prominent people who are, generally speaking, on our side of the fence are not only much smarter than our opponents, but much, much funnier.

Appointing judges is by no means the most important thing that Presidents do, but it is definitely on the list. And one important reason to turn out and vote for Republican Presidential candidates is that when the time comes, they will listen to recommendations from people like Senator Norm Coleman and their own Justice Department, with input from the most distinguished members of the local bar, and appoint brilliant, top-notch jurists of unimpeachable character and irrepressible good humor like Pat. Oops, like the Honorable Patrick J. Schiltz.

It’s important. Don’t forget to vote.


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